About Us

Our Story

The owners use cell phones just like everyone around and accidents happen.  When we broke a phone and realized that in order to get it repair we would have to travel to Billings, over 300 miles or ship it off.

So we decided this was a service needed in our area and opened The Repair Shop.

OEM Parts for Less

We use OEM parts at way less that your cell phone provider will charge you!  And the best news you don't have to ship off your phone.  We service it right here, it does not leave our shop.

We also can pick it up if you are within 20 miles of our shop.  And drop it back off to you.  Your time is worth money we know and want this to be as little stress as possible!

Most repairs less than $200!

We can repair most phone for less than $200.  This is a great discount compared to shipping off your phone and the repair centers that you have to drive for a day to their location!